December 6, 2019
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The First 2.0kms is on the Musquodoboit Rail Trail The Old Railway Bridge-you can see this later from the Harbour Lookoff. Ill be up there soon enough!
Looking up the river from the bridge. The Trail Map. Hurricane Juan damage. The trail is largely undamaged.
Bayer Lake Enter the woods at 2km just before the 2nd bridge. Trail junction with the Whites Lake Wilderness Trails: North and South Granite Ridges-Difficult!
Jessies Diner looking down at Bayer Lake. This trail is quite rugged and you must pay close attention to the footing. Youll see lots of Glacier deposited boulders on this trail.
Lake Eunice. Admiral Lake from the High point and mid-point of the trek. Looking down on Eunice Lake.
Looking Back to the Admiral Lake Lookoff on the way to The Cave. Approaching The Cave The trail goes right through The Cave...most must turn sideways.
Inside the Cave The Trail crosses lots of Bald areas. Pay close attention to find the exit. More Bald area
The Trail is often routed to take advantage of natural this one! So many cool places. Harbour Lookoff-I did the trail clockwise.
Musquodoboit Harbour from the Admiiral Lake Lookoff. SherpaJeff admiring the inland view from the Harbour Lookoff. Steep descent before the last 1.5km before returning to the rail trail.
Nice stairs built by the association. Check out Rugged! Rolling Stone Lookoff-There is another great lookoff: Skull Rock lookoff.
Good day from Rolling Stone Lookoff! A great 9km round trip. I took 3 hours to do it all. More Bald areas.

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