November 13, 2019

Chambers Lake 2005

The Crew:
SherpaJeff and Shaun (aka Booyah)

SherpaJeffBooyah (aka Shaun)

Fundy National Park

Fundy Park Map


Once at Fundy National Park drive out the Point Wolfe Road 7 kms and cross the Covered bridge, continue to a T, turn left into the Parking lot. The Trailhead is marked by a sign titled "Marven Lake".

Trailhead: Point Wolf Trailhead


Fundy Weather:

Distance: Approximately 18kms roundtrip.

Day 1

I have been wanting to do a Fall backpack at Fundy for some time. The variety of foliage there has always been awesome. I also love the Fall temperatures, even if there's a frost! Booyah and I arrived at the Marven Lake parking lot at about noon as we only had to hike 8.5 easy kilometres to site 1. There a quite a few trail heads at this same parking lot: Goose River; Shiphaven; Coppermine; Point Wolfe Beach. You can also access Foster Brook, Marven Lake Trail ViewRattail (no longer maintained) as well as Bennett Brook from the back side. The first 1.2 KMs of this hike is all uphill but simply requires a steady pace. The nice thing about this hike is that you can walk side by side for virtually all of it as it follows an old cartpath. You come to a fork at 1.2kms left taking you to Goose River and some exceptional beach camping another 6.9 Kms further. You can also access the East Trailhead of the 42 km Fundy Footpath once you reach Goose River...but that's another story. After turning right towards Marven Lake. Booyah and I enjoyed cool sunny weather which required long sleeves. The colours were very nice and we had a nice relaxing trekk.Beaver Activity About 6.5kms in the trail has been diverted off to the right to avoid some fairly new beaver activity with a dam flooding the former roadbed. We stopped and took a few shots here before continuing on around the detour. Just before the end you come to the Bennett Brook Trail leading off to the right. This trail continues on for about 7.7Kms to end at Bennett Lake. The first kilometre of this trail is perhaps the most difficult in the park descending steeply into the Point Wolfe River Gorge....very steep and very rocky and no cell phone coverage...awesome but be careful. We continued for a short while and made camp at site 1 on Chambers Lake. There are three sites in the general vacinity with the other two being found after continuing another .5 Kms just before reaching Marven Lake. Chambers Lake is the prettiest of the two and Site 1 is only 40 metres away from the Site 1 Chambers LakeLake. The water in both of these lakes is bog fed and tanic but can be boiled or filtered. We found enough run off areas that we could filter clear water for drinking. Booyah and I took a hike down to Marven Lake and ran into two other hikers and their dog. They had stayed at site 13 on Tracy Lake the night before. They had planned to do a modified circuit but the recent rains had left the river crossings too high. Site 2 is second best with a good tent pad and firepit. Site 3 is ok but there is a wet area very close to it so I suspect it floods on occasion and would be extremely buggy in the fact all three would! There is firewood, picnic tables  and pit toilets at all 3 sites.  Booyah and I enjoyed a great supper of Chili and Spaghetti and we even toasted some Chamber's LakeGarlic Bread. We could afford to take in some frozen chili because of the time of year and short length of our trip. We expected rain on Sunday and hit the hay early.

Day 2

Booyah (Shaun) and I started breaking camp at 7am as the winds had indeed picked up and heavy rains were forcasted. We no sooner finished packing our bags that it started to drizzle. We hit the trail at 8:15am in light rain. By the time we reached the car two hours later, it was pouring. We both had adequate rain gear so all was well. A great over nighter and a Rain Gear!awesome way to check out our ability to stay dry. This hike does not include many striking features but I recommend it in the Fall once the colours have word....pleasant. Good hiking all and check out the Chambers Lake photo set in the Gallery. As always please email any comments or questions!


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