November 13, 2019

Location: Fundy National Park: Fundy Circuit

Dates: July 23,24,25 2004

Fundy Park Map

Fundy Weather:

The Crew: Skeeter and Sherpajeff

Distance: About 38kms, we only did part of the whole loop skipping the Coastal trail (10 kms),part of the Marvin Lake trail and Shiphaven.

Day 1

Parked at the Foster Brook Trailhead and hiked 3.2 km into Foster Brook Friday night in the dark with headlamps. Nice campsite (site 9) right on the Point Wolfe River. Great water source and firepit with wood. Also includes a pit privy. Site 10 is the best followed by 9 and then 8 at this location. Enjoyed a nice supper and a clear night.

Day 2

Climbed out of the River valley after fording the Point Wolfe River the next morning and trekked back to Marven Lake, (about 4.4kms) picked up the Bennett Brook trail from there (7.7kms to Bennett Lake) and climbed back down into the Point Wolfe ravine...very steep and rocky decent. Met up with the Moncton Outdoor Club snacking at the confluence of Bennett Brook and the Point Wolfe River. Then the rains came. Hiked back up and out of the river valley and headed towards Bennett Lake in steady rain. Stopped at Bennett Lake to dry off in an outdoor covered picnic area. Nice to get the stove out and have a hot drink and lunch. Hiked the remaining 4.2kms into Tracey Lake in pouring rain. When hiking in to Tracey lake you come to site 11 on the SouthWest corner of the lake. This is a nice site with room for 1 tent and is sheltered. Not much of a view. Having said this, I would opt for this site for Winter camping because of the shelter the trees provide. In the Winter, the Tracey Lake trail is flagged for snowshoeing and you can camp there if you are hearty enough! If you keep going another kilometre or so you will find sites 12 and 13 to the side of a nice meadow with great views of the lake. I personally like these sites better because of the meadow. Further, you can hike down to Bruin lake about .6kms North of the sites on the access road. Many Moose have been sited here at dawn and dusk. The rains stopped long enough to get the tent , tarp and the rest of the camp set up. Skeeter and I enjoyed some soup and some cheese and salami quesadillas. We spent a quiet evening by the fire drying out!

Day 3

Woke up Sunday am to the sounds of hoofs clicking on rocks and we were elated to see a large Moose lounging and grazing in the lake right by our site. Got some good shots and an up close look. Headed out towards Laverty lake (2.5kms plus 2.2km on the laverty lake auto trail to The Forks/Laverty Falls/Moosehorn parking lot) and further down The Forks trail (3.4kms) to reach the Upper Salmon River trail where the Broad River joins. Beautiful large (cold) pool for swimming. Hiked down stream to Black hole (4.4kms) before taking lunch...and another great swim hole. The sun peaked its head out for the first time in the trip at this point and we enjoyed the final 4.4kms to Headquarters where we left the other car. All in all a great trip. Experimented with some lightweight gear this time going with only a 40 litre Marmot pack, a 3/4 sleeping pad and a tiny summer bag (Chinook Palm). I must say the weight savings came in handy on the six or so river fords and the many decents and climbs on this hike. An awesome trekk that I would love to try in the Fall. As always please email any comments or questions!


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