November 13, 2019

Pack For The Cure 2003

This was our inaugural event

Location: Kejimkujik National Park
Hike: Channel Lake Loop
The Crew: Skeeter, Roots, SherpaJeff

Hiked into site 17 on channel lake Friday night. Nice cool temps and clear skies. We splurged this go around as we brought some BBQ hot dogs for supper as it was the first night. Woke up to heavy mist on the lake which created pseudo rain in the forest.

Enjoyed a beautiful Saturday hike to Frozen Ocean Lake and site 46 via site 6 and 5. We spent some time at site 6 gathering water and just relaxing amongst the huge hemlocks. We crossed still brook and pushed on past site 5 hiking atop the esker.  Site 46 is an awesome site amongst hardwoods with plenty of cover from the high lake winds. Sunny and crisp...the way hiking always ought to be! Interestingly, there were a number of mosquitoes at site 46. We enjoyed spaghetti and garlic bread for supper. Another great campfire was enjoyed and some small evening spirits. (just a little)

It rained overnight and we packed up wet and enjoyed a nice but damp trek back to the car via sites 3 and 1 etc. The leaves had turned a bit but were still behind. The water levels were fairly high however the stream crossing between sites 5 and 6 was no problem. Wood supplies were good at both sites however we noted wood was getting low at site 6 when we paused there for a break. This often is the case late in the season as the rangers only want to stock enough to last until Remembrance day weekend when this part of the park closes.

What a great way to support the run for the cure!

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