November 13, 2019

Pack for The Cure 2005

The Crew

This is our third annual Pack for The Cure in support of CIBC's Run for The Cure.

Location: Kenomee Canyon

From Truro, drive west along Highway #104 to Exit 11
at Glenholme. Turn onto Highway #2 and follow for 34 km to Lower
Economy. Turn right onto River Philip Road (dirt) and travel 7 km to
trailhead parking area, on right. This road is often rough and low hanging vehicles will have difficulty.

Trailhead: Same as the Economy Falls trailhead off of the River Phillip Road.


Kenomee Weather:

The Crew: Dino, Lady, Roots, Skeeter and SherpaJeff

Day 1 (Sep 30/05)

Met Skeeter (aka Licoriceman) Roots, Dino and Lady at the parking lot at about 230pm on Friday the 30th with overcast skies. Actually got on the trail about 3pm. Our goal was to hike in and find the Chain Lake Stream Falls campsites for night one. Turned out to be quiteFirst River easy as long as we stayed on the marked trail that crosses the atv trail that descends to Chain Lake Stream. We had to wade across the first river (West Economy ) with sandals as the water was a bit too high.It took us 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to the Chain Lake camping area sign which is clearly marked. (The trail crosses the atv trail and then veers back onto it about 400 metres further on...the camp site sign is in between these two crossings...if you were coming the other direction the trail veers off up some barely discernable stone stairs on your right about 100 metres after crossing Chain Lake Stream doing the trail counterclockwise) The spur trail heads up stream about a kilometre before reaching the drop into the gorge. There are now 4 or 5 pads up on top of the hill above the falls with some requiring a bit of scouting to locate. There are a few older ones that are quite compact and a few newer ones added in early August that are quite soft. We opted to camp below by the falls. There is one cleared area just before the falls Chain Lake Fallswith an old fire pit that would fit two tents snugly. This site would be vulnerable to wet conditions however so take this into consideration. Roots and Dino opted to fit their tents closer to the falls and the stream which was no problem as long as your tent in not too wide. Great waterfall at this location folks...well worth checking out especially if the water is up a bit.

Day 2 (Oct 1/05)

Woke up October 1st to glorious backpacking weather, about 14 degrees and no clouds! We had an easy day planned only going as far as Newton Lake. This is a great fall hike following the river all the way up to where Murphy and Black Brooks converge before heading back on the other side and heading inland to Newton. Awesome hike. We broke camp and headed out crossing Chain Lake Stream before heading on to Murphy Brook Crossing Chain Lake Streamwhere we stopped for a leisurely lunch. Dino saw more of the trail as he had to RUN back to find his fleece which turned out to be in the gorge after you cross Black brook. Skeeter, Roots and I arrived at Newton Lake about 45 minutes before Dino and selected some campsites. We found two official mature pads. On the way out the next day we found more pads together just before you get to the lake on the right. There is a little spur heading off to the right that we missed on the way in. There is a pit toilet at both of the backcountry sites. The one at Newton takes some exploring of the area to find and had no door. The camping at Newton lake was very nice amongst the ferns and hardwoods. We enjoyed a very nice sunset on the lake.

Day 3 (Oct2/05)

We broke camp the next morning to more great weather and made it back to the cars within 2 hours and 15 minutes. The spur trail heading in to Newton lake is now more clearly defined than last year but still could be missed. There is really no sign save a wooden tent symbol a few metres in the spur trail. This last days hike is very pleasant as it is mostly Newton Lake Outflowdownhill. The scenery is varied though mostly through hardwoods. There is one interesting gorge to climb in and out of. This stream is the outflow from Newton Lake that runs into the Economy River.  This was our third annual pack for the cure.....I go backpacking versus doing the run. This is a great backcountry area that is largely unspoiled. I am always in awe of the amount of work that went into this trail. Well done! Please enjoy the photo sets in the Gallery! As always please email any comments or questions!



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