November 13, 2019

Cape Chignecto 2005

The Crew

The Crew:
Skeeter, Dino, Roots and SherpaJeff

Location: Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Park Map

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Trailhead: We Started at The Eatonville Trailhead

Information: Available at the Provincial Park Office (

Chignecto Weather:

Distance: Approximately 38kms

Day 1 (June 3/05)

Met the boyz (Dino aka Dino , Al aka Roots and Mark aka Skeeter) at Red Rocks on Eatonville Friday afternoon,(I now live in Fredericton) and left a vehicle there. We all Piled in my exploder, hehe(Including Dino's faithful companion Lady the NS Duck Toller)and drove to the Eatonville trailhead and left the truck at the crossroads. We enjoyed great hike in to Seal cove (about 7km) and Dino showed us the original route that follows the brook for a longer distance. This is now re-routed due to wash-outs but this wasThe Three Sisters a cool change for us. Made camp in Seal cove and enjoyed a relaxing evening on the beach. This was the first time that the 4 of us have hiked all together.

Day 2 (June 4/05)

Woke up to overcast skies and enjoyed breakfast before packing up and heading towards our next destination, Big Bald Rock campsite. This selection allowed us to take a leisurely Down into Carey Brookpace and we really enjoyed the coast. The clouds broke around Keyhole Brook for the rest of the day. Saw quite a few Seals offshore all along the coast this time especially between Seal Cove and Carey brook. Dino showed us the neat waterfall upstream a bit on Carey brook. Its a bit of a bushwhack so be careful....its doable and very worthwhile but not in an area where you can afford to get hurt...especially if you are alone. The rest of the hike to Big bald was simply glorious with Bright sunshine and great pictoral opportunities at every stop. I highly recommend walking down to where Keyhole brook Carey Brook Fallsempties into the place for lunch ever! The Big Bald Campsites are some of the best on the trail with a fabulous water source and easy beach access. We Enjoyed another great relaxing evening on the beach with a decent sunset.

Day 3 (June 5/05)

Day three was our toughest effort...we had to hike out to Redrocks....on the trail this represents about 21 km.....we had calculated the tide and planned to see if we could walk the beach from Mill Brook in. I have walked in from Refugee Cove before but I don't recommend it....scary and you have to time the tides perfect. You are really not supposed toClose to The Cape do this from Mill brook either but with the tide out its very easy to walk in. We headed to the Cape and when we arrived it started to rain heavy enough for us to need our rain gear. We stopped and viewed the Name sake of the park and got to see Ilse Haute from a unique angle. I really enjoyed the 5 kms from the Cape to Refugee Cove...spectacular look offs at Broad Cove and especially at French Look off wow! You can see Red Rocks, West Advocate and Cape D'or all at once! Fabulous. We Ran into a few ATVer's who had parked at the top of refugee (outside of the trail) and enjoyed a brief French Lookoffrespite at Refugee Cove on the beach. The Climb out of Refugee is steep but really is just a long constant slog...I just never look up...too discouraging. hehe. Stopped at the Cabin at Arch Gulch for a late lunch before pressing on to Mill brook and out the beach. We hit the tide perfect and finished our 18kms at about 5pm. (We started just at 9am.) I took 200 photos on this trip.....outstanding experience. I wish I had time to do the rest. We met quite a few people doing the loop as described in Hiking Trails Of Nova Scotia, Day one at Refugee, Day two at Seal Cove etc.....personally I think thatRefugee Cove the day two is too long...22 kms....that coast is too beautiful for me to have to push that hard. Great trip! Please enjoy the photo sets in the gallery. As always please email any comments or questions!
Happy Hiking all!

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