November 13, 2019

Diary of a Mad Backpacker


Was a great trip although I am sure I shed about 40 litres of water! Aerobically and physically I actually felt better than usual when I do Chignecto. (believe it or not). My feet and knees were better than at Kenomee Canyon. I get quiet and focused when I feel pushed physically. Got to figure out the meal thing……might actually go to no cook meals…..grazing a lot more than cooking hot food. I like eating that tuna right out of the package, cheese etc etc. Great to get out with you…you are great company on the trail and make me stop and smell the roses…..literally much more than I would……no way near as much as you. Can't say that I enjoyed having Simon pull me around the back section too much….I felt it was dangerous a few times… the simplest places…..twisting an ankle or a knee somewhere between the Cape and The Three Sisters could be a real problem.

Adversity brings remembrance…..this trip:

Wading around the rock waist deep at Mill Brook.

An easier climb up Mill Brook than expected.

Seeing the Minas Basin above Refugee Cove.

Hoards of killer noseeums at the Cape when we tried to rest!.

Sweating like a pig setting up camp at little bald.

Enjoying the light rain on the tent in little bald.

Sweating like a pig just getting to Big bald!

The refreshing breeze at Big Bald just sitting there looking around.

The "I can't believe they call this improved" expression on our faces after we climbed out of Carey Brook!

Arriving in Seal Cove.

Discovering that Simon smelled like human feces and looking forward to a night in the tent with him.

The joy on Simon's face at every turn and especially swimming in the ocean at Seal Cove.

The Exhilaration of the thunder and battering rain that night.

Simon's near panic attack as the thunder blasted over our tent!

A warm half eaten spam sandwich before falling a sleep a little early.

The joy of discovering that the mosquitoes were way more interested in my tarp than me as I broke camp the next morning.

Sweating like a pig to get to Eatonville…holy crap!

AHHHHH the unexpected joy of sitting in an outhouse waiting for you to do your business at Eatonville…relief from the hoards!

A fabulous rest and lunch at the bunkhouse….dry tarp, dry fly dry bandanas!

A great snack.

Dry socks!

The death march up the road that wouldn’t have been so bad had my back not cramped up a bit due to Simon pulling on the line the day before.

The mock argument on whether we should have taken the ride on the ATV!

How long it seemed to take from the entrance to the Yarmouth campground to the water and more bugs!

How short the walk from the campground to Red Rocks actually seemed.

Seeing that deer.

Seeing the people ahead of us reach the admin building and hearing them cheer like little kids on the Simpsons!!

That last hill wasn’t so bad after all!

Washing my face in the washroom.

Those first two pulls on the orange pop…….wow!

A good drive home.

Simon slept all the way. I stopped in Amherst and got McDonalds takeout:

Two cheeseburgers

One fillet of fish

Medium fries

Vanilla shake (awful)

Red Bull in hand made it home by 7:45 pm

Threw the pack down,

Kissed donna,

Had a shower…………ahhhhhhhhh

Warned her about the black t-shirt…I may burn it,

Ate a cold piece of pizza,

Laid in bed with Donna and Simon and showed her the pics,

Fell asleep,

Wrote this note.

I'll get back to you on August…..what would Kenomee be like? Looks like August 17 or so. Why am I ready to do this again already?

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