November 13, 2019

Pack for The Cure 2007

The Crew

SherpaJeff and Skeeter

 SherpaJeff & Skeeter                           

Lady and Dino  Lady & Dino

This is our 5th  annual Pack for The Cure in support of CIBC's Run for The Cure.

Kenomee Canyon

From Truro, drive west along Highway #104 to Exit 11
at Glenholme. Turn onto Highway #2 and follow for 34 km to Lower
Economy. Turn right onto River Philip Road (dirt) and travel 7 km to
trailhead parking area, on right. This road is often rough and low hanging vehicles will have difficulty.

Trailhead: Same as the Economy Falls trailhead off of the River Phillip Road.


Kenomee Weather:

The Crew: Dino, Lady, Skeeter and SherpaJeff

Day 1 (Oct 26/07)

Met Skeeter (aka Licoriceman) , Dino and Lady at the parking lot at about 2:00pm under bright sunny skies. I had arrived a bit earlier and had time to hide a Geocache near the Cobequid On the Way to Newton Lake. Interpretation Centre. ( (Lower Economy-GC1YM4) Skeeter and I enjoyed a great reunion as we had not seen each other Since the 2005 Pack for the Cure! We all loaded in my Explorer and picked our way over the River Phillip Road to the trail head. The road is getting quite rugged these days and is in bad need of maintenance. Dino and I decided to do the loop counter clockwise again this year camping the first night at Newton Lake then at Chain Lake Stream Falls the second. We did this hike a whole month later than usual. We had originally planned to go the 3rd weekend in September but Lady became quite ill. Needless to say we were all relieved that she survived her three operations and had recuperated enough to join did she have energy! The temperatures were perfect for the hike and we all started out with long sleeves. After the first steep climb out of the Economy Falls Gorge the trail gently ascends for about 5kms to Newton Lake. We enjoyed a lively hike and because we were so late almost all of the leaves were already down. We made it to camp in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. By the time we set up camp it was time to head down to the lake for some supper. Dino and I SherpaJeff and Skeeter have supperare in the habit of taking all of our cooking supplies down by the lake to enjoy our supper on the shore line. If it's clear You always get a great sunset here. In fact get up early and you will get some great morning shots as well. I was very excited as I recently had purchased a new MSR reactor!!!! It cooks like a jet engine! We didn't have much time to waste as the sun set very quickly. We enjoyed a good nights sleep and wondered what tomorrow would bring. The latest forcast had indicated rain late in the day on Saturday...we were hoping this was correct! 

Day 2 (Oct 27/07)

We awoke on Saturday to overcast skies and somewhat warmer temperatures. Dino had been up early and got some great shots of the lake. I hid another geocache near the pit toilet area. I don't expect that Newton Lake Geocache Areaone to be discovered until at least next Spring. (Newton Lake-GC1OXF) I placed a bunch of Run for The Cure Swag in this one. Our plan for today was to hike about 7 kms to Chain Lake Stream Falls and camp. The trail between Newton Lake and Chain Lake Stream is one of my favorite parts of the trail. There is so much diversity on this section. Once you descend down to Black Brook the trail follows the river system all the way to Chain Lake Stream. Skeeter and I stopped off to find the geocache located near Murphy Brook Falls. Skeeter found it first and we logged our find. There is a great camping area by the falls that I highly recommend. There are good tent pads and a great pool at the base of the falls for swimming etc.  I did not inspect the Murphy Fallspit toilet this go around so I can't comment on it. We resumed our Hike and searched unsuccessfully for another cache on the way. We stopped at Chain Lake stream for a quick lunch even though we were only 1.5kms from the campsites at the Falls. Our luck was holding as the rains held off. Skeeter and I decided to camp at the top at the official sites that were close to the pit toilet. The downside of this strategy is that you have about a .5km one way trip down to the falls to get water. We had no worries as I always bring my 6 litre Nalgene water tank.  We arrived early enough that we were able to bring some snacks down by the falls to rest. I forded the stream to search for a geocache that had never been found was that water cold. It took me a good 30 minutes of scrambling, poking and prodding before I found the cache. My first first to find ever! I was pleased! We all headed back up top for supper and no sooner than we did it began to rain. As luck was still with us it waited to rain in earnest until after we hit the hay! Luckily for us all Dino SherpaJeff's Chain Lake Stream Campand I both pack 8 x 10 light weight silt tarps and we could enjoy a dry camp. Another great day in Kenomee! We fell asleep to the sound of rain on the favorite way to sleep! We hoped the forcast for Sunday was also accurate with no rain expected. 

Day 3 (Oct 28/07)
SherpaJeff Fords

Fortunately the rain stopped at about 4am. We really took our time this morning and didn't break camp until almost 11:30 am but we had an easy hike today back to the truck...about 7kms. The sun struggled to come out in full but it got colder by the minute and by the time we finished we had our fleeces back on.  We enjoyed a leisurely hike and took a few nice shots. One of the highlights of the trip was Skeeter's on going efforts to find a way cross the West Branch Of the Economy River without having to take his boots off. He finally gave up and just plowed through it boots and all! It was the last day after all. We stopped just above the last descent into the river gorge and had a quick trail lunch before continuing on to the truck.  The descent was interesting in that there were alot of leaves down hiding rocks etc. The footing wasn't great but we just had to be careful. The final 1.5kms of this loop repeats the The Last Descent.first 1.5kms and is easy going. The sun finally came out as we pulled into the parking lot of the Cobequid Interpretation Centre where Dino Left his car. We said our good byes and I headed back to Fredericton and the boys back to Halifax. Another fantastic pack for the cure...welcome back Licoriceman! Check out the photos in the Gallery. As always email with your thoughts and questions. Happy Trails


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